Hillary CLinton

Employment is critical for adults with disabilities and so far neither market nor governmental approaches have been sufficient.  Enforcing anti-discrimination laws is vital, but for some people with disabilities, it is not enough. Hillary Clinton knows that creating the conditions for employment for people with significant physical and cognitive disabilities is not easy. She knows that sheltered, segregated workshops paying pennies per hour are not the answer, but that system needs to be replaced with something better. With help of long-time associates in the disability community, she has set forth a path for real, productive, decent-paying jobs. [source]



Donald Trump

Trump has not come up with a plan for helping people with disabilities work. His own companies prefer “pretty” workers and appear to discriminate unlawfully in their favor. [source] [source] He has relied heavily on foreign employees for his hotels, perhaps because foreigners have extremely limited protection under anti-discrimination laws. While Trump has not talked about how to increase employment for people with disabilities, he does have a concept about their incomes, which is that a “disability racket” is costing $170 billion per year, (Time To Get Tough, by Donald Trump). In the same book, he expresses outrage that 1 in 20 Americans “claims” disability benefits through the social security system. Cutting children and adults from the SSI roles has been a popular form of cost-saving for Republicans. As with many of his plans, there is no reason to anticipate any pushback from Congress on harsh, punitive approaches to income support for people with disabilities.