Hillary CLinton

Hillary Clinton is a policy wonk. For many years, she has been immersed in discussions of what lead and mercury do to human health, the dangers of giving energy companies free rein on public land and private land that affects people around it, the use of regulations and market mechanisms to promote human health, and the threat presented to humans and other species by greenhouse gases that have sky-rocketed since the Industrial Revolution and that will only shoot higher absent international cooperation. Her environmental record does not fully satisfy either the environmental movement or extreme opponents of regulation, but she is knowledgeable and recognizes the need for action.

Donald Trump

Trump wants to reduce the Environmental Protection Agency “to shreds.” [source] While Trump has claimed to think that climate change is a hoax, he nontheless is pursuing permits to construct seawalls to protect at least one of his resorts from rising sea levels associated with climate change [source]. On September 27, 2016 his campaign manager “clarified” that he thinks the climate changes naturally and that humans are not causing climate change. [source] While climate change affects everyone, its immediate impacts, such as increasingly extreme weather events that affect earning power and mobility, tend to hit people with disabilities especially hard.