Preparing to maximize the impact of Disability Voters in House of Representatives races in 2018

1)  Pick one or more districts to work in, or let us know if you are available for volunteer tasks as needed.

  • Identify target races (see list below) — one or more in which you can try to have a meaningful impact. This should include your district if it is competitive. Also look for a district to which you can conveniently travel and/or in which you have contacts.     
  • To find who represents you or is located in an area that is near you or that you can get to, go to:
  • To see how competitive a district is considered to be, see if it is on this list, from Cook Political Report June 30, 2017. If it is not on this list, it is considered a safe seat for whichever party currently has it.

2)  Let us know what districts you are interested in working in, or if you want to help and want projects, by emailing or calling 1-833-DIS-VOTE.  We will get you the information we have on your district, or let you know what projects we need help with.  We ok forward to working together.  

3)  Help us find likely allies.  See below.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 1.59.11 PM.png

CA-24 Carbajal
FL-13 Crist
IA-02 Loebsack
MN-07 Peterson
NH-02 Kuster
NY-03 Suozzi
NY-18 Maloney
OR-05 Schrader
PA-17 Cartwright
WI-03 Kind

AZ-01 O'Halleran
CA-07 Bera
FL-07 Murphy
FL-27 open Ros-Lehtinen
MN-08 Nolan
NV-04 Kihuen
NJ-05 Gottheimer

MN-01 open (Walz) NH-01 Shea-Porter
NV-03 open (Rosen)

CA-25 Knight
CA-49 Issa
CO-06 Coffman
MN-02 Lewis
NE-02 Bacon
NY-19 Faso
VA-10 Comstock

AZ-02 McSally
CA-10 Denham
CA-39 Royce
CA-45 Walters
CA-48 Rohrabacher FL-26 Curbelo
GA-06 Handel
IL-06 Roskam
IL-12 Bost
IA-01 Blum
IA-03 Young
KS-03 Yoder
MN-03 Paulsen
NJ-07 Lance
NJ-11 Frelinghuysen NY-22 Tenney
PA-06 Costello
PA-08 Fitzpatrick
TX-07 Culberson
TX-23 Hurd
TX-32 Sessions

CA-21 Valadao
FL-18 Mast
GA-07 Woodall
IL-13 Davis
IL-14 Hultgren
KS-02 open (Jenkins)
ME-02 Poliquin
MI-08 Bishop
MI-11 Trott
MT-AL Gianforte
NJ-03 MacArthur
NY-01 Zeldin
NY-24 Katko
NC-09 Pittenger
NC-13 Budd
OH-01 Chabot
OH-16 open (Renacci) PA-07 Meehan
PA-16 Smucker
VA-02 Taylor
VA-05 Garrett
WA-08 Reichert

finding allies

We're looking for information about disability-connected groups likely to share our views on issues, These include: ADAPT• Independent Living Centers • Assistive Technology Centers • Autism • Blind/Vision-Impaired Groups and Service Centers • Cancer • Cerebral Palsy • Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Groups and Service Centers • Down Syndrome • Dyslexia •  Heart Disease • Independent Living Centers • Intellectual Disability • Learning Disability • Lung Disease • Occupational Therapists • Social Security Defense Groups • Special Education Advocate Groups • Special Education Educator Groups • Special Education Parent Groups • Special Olympics•  Disability Professionals • Faith-Based Communities • Nurses’ Organizations • Physicians’ Organizations • PTA • Unions (NEA, AFT, SEIU, 1199) ... as well as other groups that share our values.  Many may be nonprofits and unable to participate in elections, but individual leaders and members can.

How you can help:

  1. In the following form, provide your name, email address and type House 2018 in the subject line.
  2. For the rest of the questions, please find and provide information about the district you've chosen from the above map. 
  3. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!
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