An estimated third to half of people who die at the hands of police have disabilities. [source] [source] [source]

Hillary CLinton

Hillary Clinton has recognized that police need training in how better to approach individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses, and in using alternatives to lethal force when they do not know why someone is not immediately complying with their commands. She has set forth plans for mental health care that would reduce reliance on police and jails to manage disability-related behaviors.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump claims to support expanded mental health care, but thinks federal funds are currently “squandered” and proposes dramatic cuts in domestic spending. He thinks, or pretends to think, that calling attention to systemic problems in policing and seeking accountability for wrongful deaths is an attack on police and on the very concept of “law and order.” 

Anyone accused of a serious crime needs and has a constitutional right to defense counsel, and people with disabilities are more likely to come into contact with the criminal justice system than other Americans. The Trump campaign and Republican party have attacked Clinton's running mate Senator Tim Kaine, and successfully attacked other lawyers, for defending "bad" people. [source]