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Mark Miller’s blog:

Op-ed by David Perry in Los Angeles Times, 10/17/16: “Donald Trump is the most ableist presidential nominee in modern American political history.”

Trying to stay on top of Trump’s outrages is exhausting. The 2005 tape of him linking his fame to consequence – free sexual assault overshadowed his racist comments about the guilt of the Central Park 5. At the debate, he threatened to jail Hillary Clinton, so we had to talk about his fascistic tendencies — before returning to his abhorrent behavior toward women. Now that he’s released an ad mocking Clinton for her alleged physical ailments, it’s time to talk about his ableism.

Ableism, the individual or systematic discrimination against and stigmatization of people with disabilities or people perceived to have disabilities, is still an unfamiliar concept to many Americans — some of whom aren’t even willing to admit that racism or sexism are real. Ableists convey the message that disabled people are not full members of our society, leading to exclusion and even abuse. Trump is fully complicit in sending precisely that message. [source]

A political profile of disabled Americans: Pew Research Center

Special Needs Truth Blog:

Complex Child’s October 2016 article on disability positions [source]

Laura Hale February 2016 report on disability positions [source]

American Association of People with Disabilities website including Clinton questionnaire response (Trump did not respond) [source] [source]

January 2016 article about campaign coverage by RespectAbility, nonpartisan disability vote organization [

February 29, 2016 Super Tuesday guide to candidate disability positions – Clinton responded to questionnaire and Trump didn’t [source]

How Did Disabilities Become a Partisan Issue? (September 2016) [source]

Interview with John Pitney, Jr. (political science professor and life-long Republican) [source] Here is what he said about the current election: "Can you talk about the influence this year’s presidential candidates have on autism?

Hillary Clinton has walked the walk since her early legal days in the 1970’s with the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF). Clinton and CDF Founder Marion Wright Edelman looked at census data and were concerned about the number of school age children not attending school. At first they thought it was because of race – African-American children not attending. What they found was it was children with disabilities who were being kept at home because schools were excluding them. This discovery was a major catalyst for the enactment of the Education for All Handicapped Children Act.

Clinton’s legislative proposal for autism is quite detailed and covers health insurance and screening among other things. There is a recognition that we have to do more for adults, and employment initiatives are part of her proposal.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has done nothing for autism except to tout the vaccine issue. His properties have had lots of issues with ADA compliance Donald Trump. In addition, he made fun of a disabled person during one of his speeches. Trump’s record on disability issues is deplorable.

I’m a lifelong Republican and this will be the first time in my life I will not vote for a Republican presidential candidate."