Hillary CLinton

Hillary Clinton is in the mainstream as to consumer protection issues. She recognizes the importance of health, safety, and anti-fraud protections. She has joined progressive Democrats like Elizabeth Warren on regulation of financial products.



Donald Trump

Some consumers with disabilities are at particular risk for high-pressure, unfair business tactics. Trump is being sued for deceptive practices by his “Trump University.” Not only were employees encouraged to sign up “students” who by Trump’s own lights were incapable of flipping real estate successfully [source], but one of the course lessons was on how to get disabled homeowners to sell their properties to the course’s “students.” [source] Trump has no use for consumer protections, criticizing the “food police” that protect us from hazards and deceit, and proposing restrictions on lawsuits for medical malpractice which would make it even harder to seek recovery for egregious errors. He wants to eliminate most of the post-2008 restrictions on Wall Street, including the Consumer Finance Protection Board, which recently uncovered Wells Fargo’s practice of signing consumers up for credit cards they did not ask for or want. [source] His attitude towards investors who lost money in his Atlantic City casinos and other fiascos has been that they were not “smart.”